Segun Adesanya (Pst): Never Stop Looking Up #celagoszone2 on KingsChat Web

Never Stop Looking Up #celagoszone2 #NOBSL

Never Stop Looking Up #celagoszone2

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#Highlights: 2ND GET ACQUAINTED SERVICE FOR #HLCPH INVITEES WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED ZONAL DIRECTOR Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director ministered God's word in power and provided answers to questions raised by the guests, during a Q&A segment. #HLCPH2019 #CEPHZONE3

It is my year of light

Hurray.. Olivia Delight Golda is 1! Happy Birthday Beloved OLIVIA DELIGHT GOLDA OLATAYO! You have come as a huge blessing to the body of Christ and we rejoice at what God will accomplish through you in the coming years. May you continue to grow in Grace, Wisdom and Stature of Jesus. Kings will come to the brightness of your rising for you are a Super star. God bless you child. #CalMC

This system is paying people $100 for every $1 they invested in it, it's only $2 to join ,no recruitment needed.

11:45pm Prayer Session Saturday, 9th February 2019 #cekano #nnwvz2

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5am Prayer Session Sunday, 10th February 2019 #cekano #nnwz2

Iam walking in the lights!! Thank you dear Holy Spirit .For a great flight in you n with you. It's Holy Ghost dance, its higher levels 4 me, it's lights every where for me,in my month of Walking in the Lights.So grateful to You dear lord for my birthday, thank u for greater glory

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