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perché il *Figlio dell'uomo è venuto per cercare e salvare ciò che era perduto». Vangelo secondo Luca 19:10 NR94

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All scripture is given by inspiration of God, & is profitable 4 doctrine, 4 reproof, 4 correction, 4 instruction in righteousness.#KFMC

Success is causing the world around you to aspire to your inspiration #cebz3mcc #NOBbeninzone3

You are truly free when you can be and do all that you wish and desire to be and do #cebz3mcc #NOBbeninzone3

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Raising funds with our talents.. For bookings, Call/w@sap: +233265068758/ +233241818993 support the vision. bless ya. IG: @palfoundation_gh

The will of God is the word of God. #cewarrizone #chruch1a #epignosiscell

If you see it and you don't say it, you will not get it. #cebz3mcc #NOBbeninzone3

Revelation without a relationship produces rebellion. #cebz3mcc #NOBbeninzone3

.....I don't give my boss excuses, so I don't expect excuses. No excuses...... #momentswithPCD #momentswithPCD #momentswithPCD

Make 26th a date with destiny. One programme different locations . God's presence will be mightily manifested and His Word will go forth and produce what it talks about in us. #ukvirtualzone4 #NOB2016

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