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Bonaberi Subgroup Rhapathon Day 2 already ongoing Angels are being sent on errands with the messenger angel! #newdimension #increasedgraceandglory #rhapsodyofrealities

Haply happy birthday PST Mike. You new age is filled with Gods perfection n the fullness of his spirit. I join millions all around the globe to celebrate ur zeal, consistent and passion for God n the vision of our man of God. More grace, I'm so proud of u

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#NightOfBlissApo #NOBA #CEGarkiGroup #CEMC. Night Of Bliss Apo Is A Done Deal, No Going Back.

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The street storm was a vibe!!🤙🤙 #NightOfBlissApo #NOBA #CEGarki #CEAMC

#NightOfBlissApo #NOBA #CEGarkiGroup#CEAMC It's happening life at Apo, make sure you are there. Glorrrryyyyy!!!!

#Wineverywhere. You can not serve God, without God. He is the standard for serving him. You can't please God without him telling you how.

I AM is on ground to set the stage. Gloryyyyy

@cloudsurfers we gat u covered

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