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⭐HIGHLIGHTS - IPPC 2017 DAY 5⭐ (November 17, 2017) Three Important Virtues – Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu During the morning session of Day 5 of IPPC, the immediate past CEO, Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu blessed the delegates with a powerful message on three important virtues. She deeply reminded the delegates that success is not a mystery but the right application of knowledge and wisdom and that partners are more qualified for success. Citing several examples of missed opportunities that some partners overlook, she said “Sometimes some Christians neglect those glaring things they ought to do and resort to praying and fasting”. She used the story of the damsel that ran away from Peter whom they were praying for when he showed up to drive home her point. She noted that sometimes, the answers we are looking for are in front of us. “We should not be praying and fasting for things we can deal with common sense. Why not fix an obvious problem with your product or service instead of praying and fasting? Solve the obvious problem, be excellent and then pray for more open doors and opportunities”. Expounding further on the message, she gave 3 important virtues which are: 🔵Diligence 🔵Integrity 🔵Speed That the partners should always remember as they conduct their businesses to ensure consistent profit for the furtherance of the gospel. She defined diligence as the consciousness of paying the right attention to a task or endeavour, giving it the degree of care that’s required. She noted the areas to exhibit diligence to include: 👉Discipleship – Following people up until they become like us in applying the word of God. Diligence in fulfilling your purpose. Diligence in handling the business of others. 👉The second important virtue as noted by Pastor Yemisi is Integrity which she defined as being honest and having strong moral principles. Proverbs 11:3 ; Proverbs 19:1. “Be a person of your word. When you make a pledge, all grace will abound towards you to bring it to pass. Fulfill your pledges. Do things at the highest level of your faith. Get to a point where you shouldn’t be able to walk away from what you say. God will divinely supply all requirements. Your integrity will push you to do what you say. Be careful to say what you will do. Be a person of your word”. 👉The final virtue is Speed (Timeliness). Pastor Yemisi stated that anything that is open-ended hardly get done. She reminded delegates that Moses said “teach us to number our days”. One of the things that destroy dreams and organization is delay and procrastination. Deliver speedily. When you are timely, you will get more businesses. The kingdom business requires urgency. ~Culled from ippcdaily~ #USAVZ2 #IPPC2017


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⭐HIGHLIGHTS - IPPC 2017 DAY 4⭐ Multiplying Your Resources For Sowing – Pastor Biodun Lawal As IPPC 2017 keeps getting better with every passing message, delegates were tremendously blessed by another awesome message by the Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal. “God wants you to multiply whatever He gives you. By faith you have access to grace, but by knowledge, you can multiply the grace. It’s your responsibility to multiply what God gives you”. He stated that it is your seed, not any training school, that prospers your resources and emphasized that God will multiply your resources for sowing. “Understand the power of a seed. The seed God gives to you is for sowing. It’s to be used for your promotion and multiplication. Do not stop until God gives you a global voice. All our partnership arms are vehicles for sowing and increasing”. He rounded up by giving delegates some major points by which they can increase their sowing and multiplication of resources.. Diligence – Proverbs 3:11 Be an efficient steward of the grace of God – Proverbs 28:22 NIV Invest wisely. Make your money work for eternity. Ecclesiastes 10:15 Invest into the anointing – Ecclesiastes 11:1 (The Message Translation). Be relevant in kingdom building, not wealth building. Ecclesiastes 11:4. ~Culled from ippcdaily~ #USAVZ2 #IPPC2017


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