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What a night Thank you my highly esteemed Pastors It was a night to remember #CESAZONE2CAROLNIGHT

What a night Thank you What a night Thank you What a night Thank you

https://kingsch.at/p/am9hNFp #amazingkaduna

Challenges are appetizers. Glory to God.


#staffthanksgiving #cebeninzone1

PRAYER Dear Father, I thank you for showing me the truth of who I am in Christ. As Jesus is, so am I in the world. I’m glorified, and conscious that the life of God is in me, and evidently manifested in and through me. Thank you for making me the effulgence of your glory, and the revelation of your righteousness, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.


Victory dance!!! #staffthanksgiving #cebeninzone1

Updated his profile photo


Updated his profile photo

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