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"For all time keep winning" Pastor Deola Philips,I can't wait for healing school autumn session 2019, I'm expectant!! And excited,Glory and honor are bestowed upon me,Thank you Lord hallelujah I'm the best and the first always As one man, I can't wait to bring honor to God.#2019

Celebrating my Starboy today... A burning and shinning light you are. The future is bright because of you Love love love you off!😘💝🙏🏾 Shine on✨✨✨

It is a gathering of 300 Great lights burning with intensity to influence their world with the Gospel. It is a watershed like no other..... #TOP300CELLLEADERSCONVENTION #ikoroduisbig #CELZ1WONDERFUL #CELZ1ROCKS

It is an appointed time to increase illumination, steer purposeful leadership, direct empowerment and distribute signs and seasons in the top brass of leadership in the cell ministry in CE Lagos Zone 1. #TOP300CELLLEADERSCONVENTION #ikoroduisbig #CELZ1WONDERFUL #CELZ1ROCKS



🌟DAY 4: STAFF REFRESHER TRAINING PROGRAMME(SRTP) WITH #TLB 》1ST SUPER SESSION - Esteemed Deaconess Sarah Sam-Tarila (Chief of Staff, CE Bayelsa) ■ EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT WITH SUPERVISORS AND SUBORDINATES ● A Supervisor is responsible for the productivity and actions of a group of employees. He has several manager-like roles and responsibilities. ● A Supervisor's main job is more concerned with orchestrating and controlling work, rather than performing it directly, which involves setting goals for performance and lifelines in ways that comply with the organisation's plans and vision, organising workflow and ensuring that employees understand their duties or delegated tasks, monitoring productivity and providing constructive feedback and coaching, etc. ● A Subordinate is an employee ranked below another employee, in terms of seniority or office hierarchy. Being ranked lower is not a problem, it only shows there is a higher level you can move to. 📌Importance of Effective Relationships in an Organisation: 1. Helps to build a stronger bond and an effective team spirit. 2. Helps you to learn and become better. 3. It makes for a peaceful and conducive work environment, which promotes growth and innovation. Romans 12 :14-21 Message Bible 📌Resolving Relationship Challenges A. Subordinate-Supervisor Relationship: 1. Identify the problem - find out what the issue is, and humbly learn to put things right. Every boss wants a staff who is productive, has qualitative performance, is committed to the vision, makes mistakes but takes corrections easily and makes the required changes. 2. Assess yourself 3. Find out what is expected of you, and how you can meet up. Educate yourself, study more and gain skills required to do your work. 4. Develop a relationship with your supervisor. Greet him or her. Send a chat, don't retort back in anger when being spoken to, even in a harsh manner. 5. Always offer to assist, even in task that are not assigned to you. Go beyond what you are told to do. Get more done than expected. 6. Separate emotions from what you do. Don't respond emotionally to everything. Take corrections in a constructive manner. Corrections bring out the best in you. 7. Look for ways your strengths can complement what is being done in your department, to cause the work to expand. 8. Look for ways to express gratitude to your boss/supervisor. 9. When you are given an assignment, get it done, and in time, with less cost. B. Supervisor-Subordinate Relationship: The kind of staff members you raise as a supervisor is a reflection of who you are. They are a reflection of your values. They should become better when they come to you, and not worse. 1. Always offer people the opportunities to grow. Let them know that there is a future to what we are doing. 2. Working together in the unity of the spirit will produce outstanding results. Spend time to fellowship with them. 3. Communicate clearly to your subordinates. Specify the goals, objectives, modus operandi, etc. 4. Give clear and complete instructions. 5. Continuously let the staff know how they are doing (communicate) 6. Give credit when due. 7. Involve the staff in decision making. 8. Maintain an open door. 📌SUPERVISOR'S CHECKLIST 1. Talk to employees with the same frequency. 2. Pay as much attention to your employees whose interests are different from yours as those with whom you have more in common. 3. Find something to appreciate about each staff - there must be something they are each good at. 4. Rotate less desirable tasks. 5.When assigning new tasks, follow criteria clearly defined and known to your staff or educate them on new ones. 6. When assigning new tasks, keep in mind opportunities for cross training and skill building. 7. Communicate your expectations of what is a fair workload for all staff. #SRTP #StaffRefresherTrainingProgram #TLB #cebayelsa #ceughelli #cesapele #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

Happy Birthday to the light of the world, thank you pastor for the insight, in depth knowledge in which you share to the word Romans 10 :15 #CEscarborough #CEyork #CEcanada


JOIN US TO CELEBRATE AND CONGRATULATE OUR BOSS!!! Congratulations Esteemed Pastor Ma, on your Promotion, we celebrate you on your new level. Special Thanks to our Dear Man of God, for the honour given to our Esteemed Head of Ministry Department. We will always make you proud Sir. We love you sir #LTMNetworks

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