Pst Uche Chukwunyere: Street Carnival for Calabar Miracle on KingsChat Web

Street Carnival for Calabar Miracle Crusade. #cmc #calmc #teamcalabarrocks

Street Carnival for Calabar Miracle Street Carnival for Calabar Miracle
Pst Uche Chukwunyere



We love to bless our world. Easter love with a difference campaign #PSZ #HVNmaidugurichapter #HVN #cemaiduguri #NNWVZ2

Gloryyyyyyy!!!! Road traffic in Calabar today at the ongoing CALABAR MIRACLE CRUSADE MEGA ROAD SHOW!!! you can imagine what will happen next FRIDAY, the D-DAY for JESUS!!!! #CMC #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

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Happy birthday to my crested friend Pst lekan, may God enlarge your coast, of your increase there shall be no end. You will increase in greater grace. May you always find joy in all that you do. I wish you many more years of celebrations. God bless you. Congrats I love you big.


Powerful, chosen, Royal Priesthood, sagacious, illumined, courageous, Good, exceptional, super-natural, called, sent, prophet, teacher, Blessed & highly favoured, for signs and wonders, Apple of God's eye...

SAVIOR MOVIE CINEMA is tomorrow by 2pm at Christ Embassy Ekpan Real! Have u bought your tickets? Prepare your family to have a Special Family timeout! There is Excitement in the air!! #Thesaviourmovie #cemwzthesaviour #cewarrisouth

Come and celebrate the victory, Jesus won for you! Connect LIVE @CE LCC6 Easter Praise Jam, Sunday, 21st April by 9AM.. Streamed LIVE.... #celcc6easterpraisetime #celcc6easterpraisejam2019 #celcc6churchofchampions #CELCC6EPJ #CELCC6@CELZ1Rocks..

#CMC #CALMC #TEAMCALABARROCK CMC RALLY ON POINT Dearly beloved kindly find below the link to watch CALABAR MIRACLE CRUSADE live on CEFLIX Date: 26th April 2019 Time: 7pm GMT + 1 Thank you kindly

TOTAL EXPERIENCE NYANYA BUS PICK-UP POINTS (NYANYA-KORODUMA-KEFFI AXES) Please notify your invitees in these axes of these pickup points; more details of pickup points all around the FCT coming up. #tenwithRevtom #RevTominNyanya #totalexperiencenyanya #ten2019 #ceamc #cenygrp #cenychurch

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