Dennis Otomofa: HBD Pastor Sir. He is on KingsChat Web

HBD Pastor Sir. He is so loving and caring, he has impacted so many lifes in the campus ministry. Today I celebrate an EXCEPTIONAL HERO

HBD Pastor Sir. He is HBD Pastor Sir. He is

Anyone ready for the grand finale ? #YourLoveworld #What a glorious moment #Thank you PastorSir #You are simply the Best

That same Spirit that raised my Lord Jesus from the dead dwells in me; therefore my body is vitalized by God’s Spirit. Hallelujah!

I walk in health and strength every single day of my life.

It just 15 days more... Are you ready? #sinachliveinbenin #sinachinbenin

Blessed be God

There is nothing Excellent that is lacking in my life. glorrrryyyyy #nightofblissbayelsa2018 #TLB #cebayelsa #thelandofgrace

My seed is my arrow of my wealth

PRICELESS MOMENT OF GLOBAL IMPACT!! Tune in today for the final sessions of your LoveWorld at 10:00 and 16:00 GMT and remember to shoot those arrows(sow those seeds) you have left guaranteeing your supernatural future. You are perfumed with Divinity!! God Bless You! #YOURLOVEWORLD #UKREG2TEN4ONE #SUPERNATURAL #GREEN2018 #10IN1

My seed is my arrow of my promotion

There is nothing bad in my life.The devil has nothing in me. Nothing is against me. #nightofblissbayelsa2018 #TLB #cebayelsa

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