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Glorious things are spoken Concerning You MA. Happy Birthday To You Ma Thank You for your love and Examplery leadership. #PstTayo0810 #IPPC2017 #IMCC2017 #IPPC2017 #IMCC2017

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 8TH NOVEMBER. I affirm that I came at the right time! I am rightly positioned by the Spirit of God. My life is full of beauty and I have become a wonder to my world! The Lord has begun to magnify me in the sight of all men. I’ve been divinely enabled to walk in prosperity, health, success, and victory. I am different; when I step into a place, things start working because I carry heaven on the inside of me. Irrespective of the heat in the land, I flow in super-abundance because the Lord has brought me to a land that is flowing with divine verities. Daily, I go out with joy and I am led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills are breaking forth before me in singing, and all the trees of the field clap their hands. Hallelujah! My portions (field, career, ministry, academic, and family) are blessed of the Lord! The lines are falling unto me in pleasant places; yes, I have a goodly heritage. Glory to God! This is something to shout about. Keep saying it, don't stop talking it. Remember, your mouth is the edge of a weapon. Refuse to be quiet 🤐 God bless you.

Come ready, excited and expectant for victory shouts. Click on the link below to register. Thanks #IPPC2017 #IMCC2017 #IPPC2017 #IMCC2017 #IPPC2017 #IMCC2017

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