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You are truly a woman sent by God to us.. We can't stop loving you, cause you loved us first, for accepting the call of God upon your life to always lead and directs us as your children.... #Happy birthday........ #Pastor Linda.........

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We Pray

Happy birthday our Epitome of Grace and glory in the South South Region. Thank you for making us shine. You are our shine. We love you dearly ma. #PLO0604 #PERFECTBIRTHDAY #SSZ2

This is the only option and best solution to what's happening in the World now, so let's Keep Praying.

Apply Christianity to relating with God. By Dr. David Bindan https://youtu.be/gKilMzGmHVw

Happy birthday highly esteemed Pastor Linda Okocha, we will not stop shouting/sounding trumpet of joy, love and peace of perfection to celebrate you Ma. Kaa. Kaa. Nne oma ka ibu n'ulu chukwu. O ga gaziriki ekeoma.

Happy birthday to our Highly Esteemed Regional pastor "Pastor Linda Okocha". Thank you ma for your love, wisdom, and particularly your trust in us towards executing the vision of our Man of God and message of our Lord Jesus. We love you! #PLOO6O4 #PERFECTBIRTHDAY #SSZ2

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As we pray in one accord In the Name of Jesus we are stronger in Faith.

To an amazing woman of God! Full of grace and beauty! A lover of God , my supermom! In a class of her own! Happy birthday Pastor Linda! God's finest! #ceromford #uk2z4 #affirmationtrain

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