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No mater d challnge,tribulatn, attack!there is spiritual law 2put me over!Glory2God #TPOYM #cewarrizone #church1a #cecanada #kingscourthaven

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I would recommend "THE POWER OF YOUR MIND"😎🙌🙋👍✌👌👐

Wen trouble strikes/feel pressure in ur mind say No,'I refuse 2b concern in Jesus Name #TPOYM #cewzone #church1a #cecanada #kingscourthaven

Glory to God. am glad to be part of the body of Christ.. thank u pastor for the impartation today.

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what a message. I have received more grace. thank you Pastor Sir #aweekofmiracles #accraghanazone #teenschurch2

I remain a success in Jesus Name! Glory 2God #TPOYM #cewarrizone #church1a #cecanada #kingscourthaven

TODAY'S RHAPSODY - 19TH APRIL REMEMBER: 1. Be passionate to know the Lord more through careful and diligent study of the Scriptures.  2. Give more attention to the Word of God; digest it into your spirit; meditate on it. Never assume that you already know enough of the Word. 3. The more you study the Word, the more you discover who Christ is, His character and nature, and also, the more you discover who you are in Him. 4. When you get to know the Word of God, you become free in the area of the truth that you know. 5. Meditate on the Scriptures day and night, and you'll be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, fruitful, productive, and prospering exceedingly in all that you do.

What a time we had in the presence of the Holy Spirit during our #discipleship training with Pastor Sue at Ce Randfontein

#L&Lconcert ...bringing hope to millions of children. Don't miss out!!!

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