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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

The count up has begun!!! 10 Days to go!!! #blwsafireforyourfuture17 #FFYFWITHRKO17

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 4TH OCTOBER. I affirm that I am an embodiment of God’s blessings. I’m a success. I dwell in health. I’m prosperous; I’m vibrant, strong and energetic. God’s blessing is at work in me; therefore, everywhere I go, good is turned towards me. I can never be disadvantaged because the blessing of the Lord is at work in me. I am blessed and highly favored of the Lord! Every step that I take is the step of blessing. I am blessed in all things. Angels are calling my name for blessings. Hallelujah! My day is blessed, my home is blessed, my business is blessed, my ministry is blessed, my ideas are blessed, my world is blessed; everything that concerns me is blessed. I am blessed from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. My way is blessed. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage. The Spirit of God has brought me into a large place; a place of wealth, a place of prosperity and abundance. Glory to God! #ceonitshazone #vision400 #hlcbenin

Updated his profile photo

I shall not labor in vain nor bring forth for trouble..for I am the blest of the Lord..before I Call,he answers me!! #RON2017 #blessings #💛

Happy birthday dearest Pastor. I bless God for your excellent ways ma! You're an epitome of love & I love you dearly ma. Enjoy!!! 👌 u 😘😗

We Specially Welcome Our New Zonal Pastor.. Pastor Amechi B. Udeaku to CEPHZONE1. Welcome Sir! #PhenomenalPA #ceenekacitywelcomespeeyee

Happy Birthday dearest Sis You are an embodiment of God's blessings. Love you so much dear and l miss ypu

#Cewzonech4 #happyindependant


Wow! Oct.4th is here again! A very Special Birthday Greetings to you Sir! A big time giver and a soul winner! God bless u Sir! I love you

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