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Happy birthday to our dearest Mother! Join us celebrate her. Make a comment in the comments section #cephzone2 #PL0604

Happy birthday to our dearest
Inegbenedion Emmanuel


Her words are spirit filled



Pastor exudes absolute grace that sets you on a course...I love you so dearly ma!



Happy Birthday to our Excellent Boss. I love you Ma💃💃💃💋

Pastor Abby


Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Ma

Alero Issa


Happy birthday I love you dearly .enjoy your day ma

Pastor Pat Aniemena


A mother full of love and passion... Happy birthday ma. I love you



Happy birthday Pastor ma, Thank you so much ma for your inspirational and exemplary leadership. An embodiment of grace, so full of God's spirit. i celebrate you today and always.

Pastor Pamela Mimi Okorodudu


Celebrating You comes Natural Mum... I love you around the world and back.. Happy Birthday Mum

Austin Greatness


Happy birthday ma, you're an embodiment of love and care , a pastor like no other , full of power and of Spirit. Thank you ma for the word , the faith you impact in us. Happy birthday ma

glory omoregie


Happy beautiful birthday to you ma

Tina Godspower


Happy Birthday Pastor ma

Sis. Ugonma Iroaganachi ZD1


The excellence and beauty of God! My Regional and Zonal Pastor! My teacher and instructor in righteousness! Happy birthday, ma. I love you.

Deaconess Dorothy Yaji


Love personified, thank you Immensely Pastor Ma. Happy Birthday Ma!

Dashen Yaji


I love you soo much Ma. Happy birthday ❤️❤️

Lawrence Ebadan


Happy Happy Birthday Pastor Ma! We love you dearly!!!

Imaobong Alimi


I love you Pastor, happy birthday. 😍🥰❤️💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Happy birthday mum, words are not enough to celebrate you pastor ma

Updated his profile photo

DIVINE HEALTH CONFESSIONS - 6TH APRIL 2021 Download the Healing School Magazine using the link: http://enterthehealingschool.org/imagazine/CEUK2Z3 and spread faith to many in your world. God bless you! #UKR2Z3 #THELOVEZONE #DHCONFESSIONS #THEHEALINGSCHOOL #HEALINGTOTHENATIONS

Happy birthday🎂 to my world best mum. I Love You Pastor Ma!

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PROSPERITY CONVICTIONS I affirm that my prosperity is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in my eyes. I am a special breed, living a life beyond the ordinary, for I am super blessed in all things. I am shinning in prosperity; everything I require to function on earth is already available. I walk under the annointing of God and wherever I go, the blessing of the Lord follows me. I receive a harvest from all my seeds sown causing me to advance the gospel. My life knows no struggles; my every effort produces multiplied results. I enjoy a life full of joy, light and success. Glory to God! Be a proud SPONSOR of the live Transmission of YOURLOVEWORLD SPECIALS - PHASE 3 with PASTOR CHRIS in different languages, take God's divine presence to millions of homes around the world. Click here👇👇👇 https://bit.ly/GS-LAN_TRANSLATIONS Now! Encourage others by sharing this post with them. God bless you.

Bienaimés. Aujourd'hui est le Jour n°2 de notre Programme Mensuel Zonal de Prière et de Jeûne. Nous prierons à 9h et 15h pendant 10 minutes à chaque fois avec les points de prière suivants. 1. Priez pour que plus d'expressions soient accordées au Pasteur et que le résultat, l'impact, l'influence de son message dépassent de loin tout ce qui a été accompli à ce jour. Déclarons que la voix de notre Homme de Dieu est plus amplifiée que jamais, qu'à travers lui, beaucoup plus de ministres de l'Évangile et de chrétiens du monde entier entreront dans leur héritage en Jésus-Christ. Matthieu 28:19, Col 4:3-4 2. Priez contre tout plan pervers pour imposer la vaccination obligatoire des personnes et pour installer l'église dans la persécution par des hommes pervers qui veulent établir l'ordre du jour de satan avant son temps. Déclarez que tous ces plans sont annulés et ne se concrétiseront pas. Job 5:12-13, 1Jean 3:8 3. Priez pour que les dirigeants et les hommes en autorité dans nos nations reçoivent la sagesse et fonctionnent dans la vérité. Déclarez que Dieu enverra des ouvriers dans leurs champs de moisson qui leur apporteront l'Évangile. Priez pour le salut de leurs âmes. 1Tim 2:1-4 Beloved. Today is Day 2 of our Monthly Zonal Praying and Fasting program. We will pray at 9am and 3pm for 10 minutes each time with the following prayer points. 1. Pray that more utterance is granted to Pastor, and that the result, impact, influence of his message will far surpass all that have been accomplished to date. Declare that the voice of our Man of God is amplified more than ever before, that through him, many more ministers of the Gospel and Christians from around the world will enter into their inheritance in Christ Jesus. Matt 28:19, Col 4:3-4 2. Pray against every evil plan to enforce mandatory vaccination of people and to set up the church for persecution by evil men who want to establish the agenda of satan ahead of their time. Declare that all these plans are nullified and will not come to fruition. Job 5:12-13, I John 3:8 3. Pray for leaders and men in authority in our nations to receive wisdom and function in the truth. Declare that God will send laborers into their harvest fields who will bring the gospel to them. Pray for the salvation of their souls. I Tim 2:1-4

Yay! 💃💃💃 It's my Mother's Birthday. Grace Speaks through you. Thank you for loving me specially and giving me numerous opportunities to serve. I love you ❤️so much ma. Happy Birthday #happybirthday #plo604 #cephzone2 #celwc

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