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Happy Birthday Sir! We Appreciate, Love & Celebrate You 🎉❤️✨ #BLWUKZONEA #BLWABERDEEN

Happy Birthday Sir! We Appreciate, Happy Birthday Sir! We Appreciate, Happy Birthday Sir! We Appreciate,

What an exciting day indeed. We are very greatful to you sir. God bless you and we love you dearly. #blwukzoneA

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Entry #1: #magnify cover by psalmsunny. Get full song here: #magnifychallenge #YCPH #blwcampusministryrocks #cephz1

Happy birthday my dear Demilade. What a miracle you are, what a glory and joy to behold. A source of peace, happiness and satisfaction in serving God. Ride on my son and keep living the life that God has blessed you with. You are indeed a beacon of light to your generation.

❤" Love is a Person - Her name is Pastor Gold" ❤ #SuperSundayofPerfection #CEDonValley #EachOneMatters

CELEBRATING GREATNESS Happy Birthday Dear Brother Nosasu Erhabor! God has perfected all that concerns you. It's a new level for you. We love you dearly!❤ #SHOUTFORJOY #MONTHOFSONGS #SONSOFMINISTRY #PERFECTION

This day will be remembered for a long time. The power of God was present to heal. The atmosphere was filled with the anointing of the holy spirit and everyone present had a rub off of that anointing. We have moved....glorryyyyy!!! #cecanada #cebramptonwest

Happy Birthday dearest Sister. I love you

💫It was indeed a Super Sunday of Perfection.💫 ⭐Questions answered as the word came. ⭐Doubts dissolved. ⭐Sickness, pain, infirmity checked out. ⭐Grace and ability increased. ⭐ More souls added to us. Thank you Lord Jesus. Photos speaks.👇 #cebramptonwest #cecanada

Happy Birthday Dcn Ortega! Always glorious to have one's special day fall on a Sunday. Trust you had a beautiful & a memorable one. Your new year is full of remarkable & outstanding testimonies. You are a wonder and you glow and continue to bask in His glory. Much love always😍

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