CE Lagos Zone 2: GLORY!!! IT'S 16 DAYS TO on KingsChat Web

GLORY!!! IT'S 16 DAYS TO #GFMN #gfmn #lagzone2


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Can you believe we have only 2 days to go?! I can’t either! #FireInTheUSA #BLWUSARetreat #FireInTheUSA #BLWTexas #BLWPSU #CMDInTheUSA 🔥

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Lekeeee I can’t wait to be catapulted to a higher level of grace this weekend!💃🏾 #FireintheUSA #BLWUSARETREAT

The phronesis of the just is manifested in my life. I hear to do. #ceshurugwi #dominion

Helloooo Today is your birthday. One in a million .There is only one Sister Zy and i love you ma'am. Thanks for being my zonal leader.

I’m such a funny person. Lol What would I do without myself? 😂

Steven Hawking was only expected to live till 23 because of ALS. He lived an extra 53 years before passing on today. ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 #NoGlassCeiling

Thank God for my sense of humor, honestly. I know it’s from Him; none other. I never have trouble laughing😂 You should try it!

When you’re trying to compose a #FireInTheUSA post and everyone’s likes & shares keep coming in 😭

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