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#PGO262019 #PGO262019 #PGO262019

For blessings and prosperity. Thank you Ma for all you do the Kingdom. Love you so dearly #PGO262019

My Little Chic with the big one. Ain't they looking smashing, adorable, queenly, immaculate, gorgeous and heavenly! Should be everyone's DP. Definitely the picture of the day! 😍😘💖💕💝💓💞✨💃 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET KAIGHLEY!!!

HPD Ma'am. #PGO262019

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Christ is my wisdom #thankful 🙌 #metamorphosis2019 #Summer2Remember #blwcyprus #blwemu #yourcell #pcdl

Happy birthday to our Very own Pastor Ini. We love you ma. Enjoy your day and increase in grace #CEBramptoneast #Torontocanada

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ONGOING! 6th InnerCity Mission School-Ikeja Center Valedictory Ceremony. Dear Graduates! As you move to the next and higher level, you will do well. We will always pray for you! #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourchild

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