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TODAY'S RHAPSODY READING WEDNESDAY 6TH FEBRUARY HIS AWE-INSPIRING LIGHT The Bible let's us know that God is 'Light' and the 'father of lights'; therefore we're children of Light, dwelling in the light. Learn more from today's Rhapsody of realities #ilovemyror #ceasaba #sevz2

Pilate Ndlovu


Hallelujah #cehilbrow

Pastor P Alogo


I am a child of Light

Happy birthday Esteemed Sister Leonara. Thank you ma'am for your love and your kindness. You are a media connector extraordinaire, worthy of emulation. #LWMediaConnectors #hbd @leonora

Heading to Ilorin to meet her owner in a bit! An exact type of this is available in size 14 for pick up! #3,500 only! #giveawayprice #february # love #family Linkup!🙏

Happy birthday to you pastor Segun Awodiya. May God bless you and cause your light to shine brighter and brighter!!! #PSA0602

Shout for Joy. Light has come!!

My, Oh, My!! It's cooooking! We are #Champions forever!💃🏽 Glorious morning 😁 @knoxxdefavored

This program is the answer that you seek! Only the fool ignores knowledge and you are wise. #ceromford #UKVZ4 #UKREGION2

PRAYER SCHEDULE FOR NIGHT OF BLISS SAGBAMA _ WEDNESDAY, 6TH FEBRUARY 2019 1). PUBLICITY • Pray for all our publicity campaigns; for God's Spirit to go ahead and prepare the minds of the people to receive us and that a mighty harvest of souls will be brought into the kingdom. John 4:35-36 • Pray for all our publicity tools; the fliers, bill boards and banners that it will leave a lasting impression in the hearts of everyone who receives it or sees it and will inspire them to attend. Declare that there will be positive responses and testimonies as we go about the publicity. John 6:2 2). THE IMPACT OF THE WORD DURING THE PROGRAMME Pray for the influence of God’s Word to be strong such that everyone present would not leave the same way they came. Declare that the Word of God will stir up faith in people's hearts to believe and receive from the Lord. Eph 6:19, 1 Cor 2:4-5 3). RETAINERSHIP OF SOULS • Pray that we adopt spirit-inspired follow up strategies which will result in high retainership of souls that will be won during this programme. Declare that the wisdom of God is piloting us; we know what to do and how to do what to do. 4). CHURCH GROWTH AND EXPANSION Thank God for a great harvest of souls, pray that our ministry presence in the land increases and spreads such that Christ Embassy churches will spring forth in every nook and cranny. Isaiah 32:15 HALLELUYAH! #nobsagbama #cebayelsa #tlb #nssvzone1 #thelandofgrace #nssr

Updated her profile photo

And QueenDelight hit ONE Year on Feb 1st! All glory to God!!! #grateful #februarybaby

I pray for the Day of Bliss Southampton that the power of the Holy Spirit will take charge and catapult all attending,to the next level of their life's.This program will bring the light of God's Word to the city of Southampton like never before. #LWSOUTHAMPTON #UKZONE2

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