New York Times: ‘Spies and Treason’: Read a on KingsChat Web

‘Spies and Treason’: Read a Transcript of Trump’s Remarks Related to the Whistle-Blower President Trump made remarks to the United States Mission to the United Nations on Thursday, the same day a House committee released a declassified version of a complaint.

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Wall Street Skeptics Poke at Start-Up Bubble Companies like WeWork and Uber were expected to become a new generation of corporate giants. But investors have backed away.

SoftBank Bet Big on Disruptive Companies. Many Have Not Paid Off. The Japanese technology company’s investments in WeWork, Uber, Sprint and other businesses have produced disappointing results, raising questions about how it picks companies.

Netanyahu’s Amazing Reversal: Election Loser to Presumptive Premier A week after an election appeared to jeopardize his career, Prime Minister Netanyahu is tapped to assemble a government. Israelis are wondering how it happened.

Around the Movie World in 17 Days at the New York Film Festival This year’s edition includes the latest from Martin Scorsese, Pedro Almodóvar, Kelly Reichardt and Bong Joon-ho.

Anthony Mancinelli, World’s Oldest Working Barber, Dies at 108 A barber who spent nearly a century of cutting hair in upstate New York “didn’t know the meaning of the word retired.”

Trump Slashes Refugee Cap to 18,000, Curtailing U.S. Role as Haven The president approved an 18,000-person limit on the number of refugees who can be admitted into the United States in fiscal 2020, about half the current limit of 30,000.

Why The Times Published Details of the Whistle-Blower’s Identity Our executive editor, Dean Baquet, addresses readers’ concerns about the decision to publish information on a person who is central to the Trump impeachment inquiry.

‘Everything You’re Seeing Is Deception.’ How Right-Wing Media Talks About Impeachment. The pro-Trump media has wasted no time constructing their own version of events about Ukraine.

Brace Yourself for the Internet Impeachment Disinformation experts are preparing for fast-twitch media manipulation, droves of false and misleading claims and hyper-polarized audiences fiercely clinging to their side’s version of reality.

Twitch Has the Gamers but Yearns for a Wider Audience (Like YouTube’s?) The live-streaming platform, owned by Amazon, has more viewers than many cable channels. But a new ad campaign aims to show it’s good for more than video games.

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