Pst Toni: A 100-gun salute to you on KingsChat Web

A 100-gun salute to you Sir!

A 100-gun salute to you

God has made me a watchman starting from Brixton, London, UK to the rest of the world . . . #mydeclaration

Things are changing inside out for my good., am bearing fruits & increasing in the knowledge of God. The desire of all nations is granted me and am taking the nations for my Jesus. This year, l am constantly on top and 10x better in every consideration and recommendations, achieving 10yrs result in one with multiplicity of angels. Gloory to God! #mydeclaration #Nigeria #globalprayerweek #prayingnow

Updated her profile photo

I function in the now of my life. I am who God says I am

The Holyspirit is my help, strength,advocate,counsellor,teacher,friend,companion,standby and everything. I am bold&beautiful #mydeclaration

My Supernatural year

#mydeclaration Christ is my wisdom,God has done me well.Am leading many to Christ,I have the advantage therefore I can't be disadvantage

Eden,Trinity & Alvin, you're d aroma of God in every place. Super intelligent & a wonder 2 ur worlds.God's grace is daily multiplied upon u.

I have a voice for the gospel of Jesus Christ that shall be heard in every nation on Earth. #Mydeclaration

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