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updated their profile photo
Israel Chuks Nwokorie


😀😀😀 thanks



Looking good man of God! I like

...maybe I'd be robbing a bank right now.. in the pursuit of money.. But now Im in the pursuit of God!! PASTOR TURNED MY LIFE AROUND. Period

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Sometimes people think we "over-love or over-praise" our Pastors.. They dont know where they found us and how they turned our lives around..

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sometimes I wonder, had I not met Pastor Lawrence, what would have become of my life??? maybe a thief, or a prostitute or maybe dead.. hhmmm

you may never understand cos you don't know where we come from, but HONOUR ur Pastor anyway, He is the one praying for you to stand strong!!

Happy birthday Bro. Alex. Shine on as the star that you are.

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I refuse to give up! I refuse to give in, I only win!

what a mighty GOD we serve

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