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I declare that the Word of God prevails and takes a centre stage in Nigeria in Jesus name. Amen #mydeclaration

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#Mydeclaration I'm the seed of Abraham and a joint-heir with Christ. I walk in supernatural strength, wisdom and supernatural health.


My home, my family and all that concerns me are blessed, prospers and established in the word #mydeclaration

#MyDeclaration God's word is effective in my life and circumstances. I am built strongly on his word and I grow in Grace continually.

The word of God has grown in me mightily and has prevailed and I give for this gospel in £trillions #mydeclaration

I am deeply rooted and grounded in love, and in the knowledge of Christ, fulfilling God's purpose for my life. Glory!!!! #mydeclaration

I am comended to God & to the word of His grace, which builds me up & gives me an inheritance among them that are sanctified #mydeclaration

#my decleration Total Experence Outreach Programm is a life changing one, and many souls will be reconciled to God on that day.

#mydeclaration I declare that my family is established in righteousness and they enjoy all the benefits of the kingdom. They are a blessing

This me! Yes , yes, .grace , grace, grace did it, grace moved it,Grace shifted it, grace multiplied it, grace decreed it .Amen.#mydecleraton

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