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#I feel joy in my heart as I shared my testimonies with kings and queens in kingsChat,Glory! #from my innerman I already feel sickness free!

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Mphoentle Judahâ„¢1st Lady- Her Excellence


I didn't see it, when? May you please share the link again

Awards and dinner night! Thank you lord for this #IKORODUTEENSMINISTRY

iCelebrate People everyday!! Cos when I look at them, I just see the glory of God. its something I cannot get used to..It keeps on changing

We are so blessed of all men, GRATEFUL & THANKFUL to our Father, words are not enough to express our heart but we know only God can do this.

Praise the Lord! it's a boy! Congratulations to the Akinwunmi ' s.

The latter glory. Unlimited. Ever increasing. Hallelujah!

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Remember your need triggers ur Faith,never be overwhelmed with ur need. Let your needs connect to ur Faith,let ur need excite you. #ewcavz

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