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#Everything that is happening around me,hath been said about me Lord says Romans 15:13 (KJV)

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Awesome Christmas Carol Service at CEC, Abuja Zone #pastorChidi

Precious Lord Jesus. .... begotten not created.

$€££££ Haven ££££££ Testimonies abounded in BLWhammersmith haven @thanksgivingservice

CE Mpape feed 500 children in Mpape today Courtesy Inner City Mission (Send Portions @ Christmas 2015) ‪#‎CEMpapeAbujaZone

Brother Olayinka Olawoye of the Rhapsody Of Realities Product Development Department, was nominated Script writer of the year 2015 at the just concluded Presidential staff awards. Congratulations! #Rhapsody Of Realities

we are marked and branded for GREATNESS.


Abuja live


OMG!!! This got me ROTF laughing

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