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I function with the Wisdom, Speed and Ability of God. #Spreading

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And Stacey increased exceedingly... #Spreading

my season of spreading forth

As a gold member of PCDL, I have freely accessed & downloaded d Best Songs of 2015. Truly these are d best of the best! Join me &enjoy same

And Isabelle ' s name spread all over the world, fir she was marvelously helped till she became very great! #2016comeoooonnn!

Wisdom,Speed and Ability of God is at work in Isabelle in 2016. glory! I do the right thing at the right time with the right mindset. #2016

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someone to love someone to talk to someone who cares someone to hold me: Jesus filled it all

My expansion cannot be stopped 😄 #Spreading

In 2016 I'm operating with Phronesis ONLY. The highest level of wisdom. I can't accommodate anything else. #2016isAdifferentYear

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