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I'm a product of Pastor's meetings. Nothing else. what he has taught me since birth is how I operate. he's too much! #2016isAdifferentYear

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iLook to Him#iSpread

I'm doing everything the best way the first time! I'm getting better & etter like daddy said. less & less mistakes #2016isAdifferentYear

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this is my year of spreading. I will so spread forth the word,beauty, excellence and glory of God like never before. there is no stopping me

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Holy Spirit 2x You guide me me in all things 2x I love you! #ewcavz4 #pastorchrisincameroon #pastorchrisincameroon #pastorchrisincameroon

When I pray, I don’t see the impossibilities, limitation, or the problems. RoR of today #ewcavz4 #pastorchrisincameroon

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Pastor Chris in Cameroon! Glorrrrrry. Everything is possible with the Holy Spirit. #ewcavz4 #pastorchrisincameroon #pastorchrisincameroon

I only see the Lord, His blessings, greatness, and miracles! Ror of today.#ewcavz4 #pastorchrisincameroon #blwappsmilliondownload

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