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#Mydeclaration I declare that the peace of God is reigning in Ghana and that the Word of God is advancing throughout the nation.

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#Ideclare that kings are coming to my raising.

#prayingnow #Nigeria #mydeclaration I declare in the name of the Lord Jesus that the Nigeria is deeply infected and affected with the depth of the knowledge of the word of God and that ideas and innovations that will shake the world are springing forth from Nigeria

#mydeceleration He had said they that dwell Therein shall boldly say the health of God is in me .Am a success ,am making progress .

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#prayingnow #Nigeria

All nations,all tribes are coming to the knowledge of our lord and saviourJesus Christ.the glory of the lord covers the nations.#mydeclarati

#prayingnow #Nigeria #mydeclation I declare in the name of Jesus that male and female of youthful age be infused with the love of Christ in abundance and hence sin will not have dominion over them. In Jesus Name.Amen!!

The Kampala City Crusade With Pastor Louis, Happening On The 8th Of June At The Lugogo Cricket Oval. It's Our Set Time!!! #KampalaCityCrusade0806 #KampalaCityCrusade #KampalaCity #KCC2018

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#Mydeclaration- I declare that the nation of India is filled with the knowledge of God as water cover the sea. Gloryyyy!

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