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Bread can't produce Bread Bread can't produce Seed Only Seed can produce Seed & Bread #FinCon2016

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I am enjoying my life. I am an investor. an employer of Labour.

Happy birthday to my coach, my mentor, my pastor Kay

LmK if you would like to purchase a ticket to support, Thank you, in advance!!

"It is impossible not to have a harvest when you sow.." -PC #FinanceConvention2016

I control wealth... 🤑🤑... #fincon16

#borntoreign is enjoying #fincon

We are gifted in different ways.

Bread cannot produce bread but seed can produce bread!!! I am a sower #FINCON2016 #EAVZ3

Bread cannot produce bread, its only seed that produces bread #sevz1 #finance convention

The sower is always greater than the eater #sevz1 #finance convention

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