Pastor Oge: A Happy Birthday cheer and on KingsChat Web

A Happy Birthday cheer and hearty congratulations to my precious and dear sister!u are favored and I appreciate ur friendship.l lv u 4ever

A Happy Birthday cheer and

l said you are gods and all of you the children of Most High but you shall die like man and like the prince of this world bcz you know not.

freedom is crying! I have made a choice to respond to it! we still praying Amen!

I expect and project into the future. #SEVZ1

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God have given you all things that pertaining to life.He is not going to do it He already done it. #you say yes and believe and act.

I give and accept,value, trust and fellowship.#SEVZ1

DIEU ne nous benis pas seulement pour nous mais pour etre une benediction pour les autres past OKET Deut 8:18 #ewca vz4

Make up your mind to preach the gospel

Father we thank You for our super power Sunday you moved mightly in our midst all the glory the honour majesty and power we give unto You

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