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Country: Nigeria 🇳🇬 2020 FALA nominee, Victor Emeka Mba, organized _Youth Empowerment Program & Skill Acquisition_ for 200 young women and led campaigns such as _Save for a Kid Box_ where he raises funds to cater for the monthly medical care of orphaned children in his community. He made a full meal plan for more than 300 low-income earners, providing them with access to nourishing food daily. Congratulations to Victor Emeka Mba for his selfless service and commitment to nation-building! #FALA #FALF #IMPACTREPORT

Country: Nigeria 🇳🇬 2020 FALA Country: Nigeria 🇳🇬 2020 FALA Country: Nigeria 🇳🇬 2020 FALA Country: Nigeria 🇳🇬 2020 FALA Country: Nigeria 🇳🇬 2020 FALA

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY VERY OWN PASTOR STEVE I love you Pastor Sir, you're so full of Wisdom and insight, Scripturally and Practically Your teachings reveal explicit Correctness even with the Ministry Vision and Message of our Man of God. Weldone Pastor Sir. Enjoy your Agelessness.

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Happy birthday Pastor sir

It becomes easy to walk in love all the time when you are conscious of the life you have, you do not have to plan to, eternal life is love at work, but if you do not know it, you will live any other way

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Happy birthday Sir !

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