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I am guided by God's wisdom always. Glory! #TeamCalabarRocks #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1

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happy birthday to Br. Remzy of the most high..much love Sir..thank you for continuously hosting our cell meetings.. #Auxano salutes you.

We celebrate women. #Ewcavz4

I am not hamstrung. Halleluiah! #TeamCalabarRocks #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1

The March Global communion Service with the man of God Rev.(Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome at Christ Embassy Clayson Toronto Canada was another time to be strengthened and invigorated with miracle working ability. The brethren were greatly expectant to hear the word for the month of March because of the impact of the month of Order. "Everything became beautiful and in order for my family and I. I had several testimonies in the month of Order", testified Sis Bola Ogundipe. They listened keenly as Pastor Chris gave the expose on the amour of God from Eph 6 and then shouts of joy erupted as the he gave the Word for the Month. Their rejoicing knew no bounds as they danced to EBEN's victory song, declaring words of affirmation even after the close of the service.

We Celebrate all Pastors and Partners of Christ Embassy Middle East Virtual Zone, for Sponsoring the Distribution of Rhapsody Of Realities in Other Languages and Countries - ADOPT A LANGUAGE . We love you dearly!

I have become the Video playing the words (lyrics) of our man of God 😁😂😀☺. you watch my life you'll understand his message


Happy birthday Deacon Sir, we love and appreciate you dearly.

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