Pastor Joy: HBD Seyi, you have followed on KingsChat Web

HBD Seyi, you have followed Christ from a tender age.I pray the Lord bring you to a place of fulfilmt and cause his glory to remain on you.

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amadike john


HBD, keep spreading the word and flying in his grace#spreading John#cephz3

Pst Christal Opara





Thank you pastor ma #exceptionalcellrocks

Pst Vins


Thank you pastor Ma

Pastor Seyi


Wow wow wow!!! Thank you so much ma. God has wished me Happy Birthday. I'm humbled. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for giving my life a meaning. I'm eternally indebted to you. I love you so much ma.

Pastor Seyi


Wow wow wow. Thank you ma. I so honoured

Flourishing Pboss


Happy birthday Bro Seyi; thank you ma

You have the competency to grow your cell to be a forest. #PastorDeeSays #TeamCalabarRocks #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1

Happy Birthday to this sweetheart. So kind, so loving and sooooo real. I love you big sis. #Blessed #GodsBest

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter...Celebrating you today because of all that are mean to me. I love you dearly...God bless you plenty

it's time!! Ke nako!! iskhathi sesifikile!! Woza Friday!!! #RiotNamibia #GroupI

You are my source and my supply you are constantly, endlessly and ceaselessly opening new channels of prosperity unto me #Affirmations

...this is is where we are!

I 'long throat' for Good Friday!! #HeIsRisen, #celagoszone3

You have the competency & ability to run a business to be a producer not a consumer. #PastorDeeSays #TeamCalabarRocks #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1

⏳⌛🔛countdown.. #riotnamibia

Happy birthday Sis Marian Ayah, I pray the Lord grant you more wisdom to preach the Gospel. Go, spread, you are unstoppable. I love you

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