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Hello! Are you wondering why you didn't see the usual Worship Break Thursday post here? It's because WE HAVE MOVED!😁 I warmly invite you to follow me on my SUPERUSER account so we stay connected no matter what happens.πŸ™‚ KINDLY CLICK "FOLLOW'

Hello! Are you wondering why

It's just 11Days to Pastor Gbuyi Olupitan's Birthday. The Count- Up has begun. Glooory!!!! #CEMakurdi #ncz2 #northernregion #LWPM

WOOOOOOOOOW! It just 11 Days to Pastor Gbuyi Olupitan's Birthday.... The Count-Up has begun. #CEMakurdi #ncz2 #northernregion #LWPM

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COUNTING UP TO DECEMBER #GDOP The name of Jesus is a powerful tool, given to us by God for the taming of evil, and the subduing of anything that rebels against God's will on the earth. Nothing will be allowed to thrive on this earth, except we permit it, because we have the name of Jesus. Join us in spreading the broadcast of this service to the ends of the earth on Radio, with your financial sponsorship. #GDOP #IPPC2020

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#ProgrammeALERT Same Glory, Same Atmosphere, Same Grace!!! Beginning tomorrow Friday 27th till Sunday 29th November is IPPC 2020 IN YOUR CITYπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Get ready for radical and escalated Grace! Plan not to miss any sessionπŸ‘Œ #Thesingingchurch #theshoutingchurch #thegloriouschurch #thehappychurch #cepeterodili #ippc2020

It's just 11Days to Pastor Gbuyi Olupitan's Birthday. The Count- Up has begun. Glooory!!!! #CEMakurdi #ncz2 #northernregion #LWPM

Fly from Lagos-Manchester return, from 18 Dec - 25 Dec, for as low as N348k. Book here on Cloudsurfers

5 DAYS TO GO: DECEMBER GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER WITH PASTOR CHRISπŸ’ƒπŸ’― It's 5 days to the most anticipated Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris. Tell everyone you know to be a part of this historic event starting from 6pm GMT+1/1pm EST Tuesday 1st December, to Wednesday 2nd December 2020. Participate @ or via the all-new HS Mobile 2.0 (available for download @ God bless you.

LIVE NOW ON LOVEWORLDSAT : THE BAIT!!! Tune in to LoveworldSAT now to watch The Bait as we delve into matters no one dares to go into. Stay Tuned. _ _ #loveworldsat #thebait

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