Douglas Kemp: I cannot be brought down on KingsChat Web

I cannot be brought down by sickness. #celebritychef

My body has been infused with divine energy, because the Spirit of God dwells in me. #celebritychef

I function from the standpoint of advantage victory, dominion, and power #celebritychef

Thank you Lord for choosing me out of the world for your glory. Amen! #celebritychef

I declare that the presence of that same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives within me, causing every disease, stroke, germ that tries to get into my body to die and pass out of my system. Amen! #celebritychef

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I walk in the light of my word and in the boldness of my Spirit. #celebritychef

I do not get sick; I am born of God and I have His life and nature within me. #celebritychef

My spirit, soul and body are willing and obedient to the voice of the Spirit. #celebritychef

I'm commanded and empowered by the Holy Ghost to lay up gold as dust. #celebritychef

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