CE Benin Zone 1: HAPPENING NOW: at Christ Embassy on KingsChat Web

HAPPENING NOW: at Christ Embassy Evbuotubu #cebeninzone1

HAPPENING NOW: at Christ Embassy
Usunalele ikuobase iziegbe Princess


He lives in me

MultiBillion Adino Dcn Theo of the most


Faith is my currency

blessing igbuwe



Great Kai


My God never changes. #cebeninzone1 #cebeninzone1 #cebeninzone1 #cebeninzone1 #cebeninzone1

African Proverb... I wonder where their wisdom come from #kingingzone

I worry for nothing, I cast all my cares on the Lord. #kingingzone #kingingzone

eehhhh kings!!! my acenstors are worrying me ooo. guess who they are. papa Abraham, Uncle David. #kingingzone #kingingzone

When u have a father that see the future and He tells u not to worry, then Why Worry? #kingingzone #kingingzone

#Enjoythis .... #kingingzone

The brother performing the song Spreading!!!!!!Its all happening at CE BRAAMFONTEIN

We'll be transformed by the renewing of our minds nt by renewing of our phones, cars, wardrobes,homes or bank accounts #15DaysOfExcellence

praise God i am here hallelujah

Happy Birthday Dr Rukky. I love you.

It's been a Sunday of glory!

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