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Pastor Moses announces 7 days miracle for Christ Embassy Evbuotubu #cebeninzone1

#blwzonei #blwzonei #blwzonei

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RHAPSODY CELLS SPROUT ON TUVALU ISLAND Partners of Rhapsody Of Realities in the South Pacific recently went on a Rhapsody Mission trip to the Island of Tuvalu. As they arrived, they started performing miracles, healing people with diverse diseases. This attracted so many people to them and they were taken from house to house, and also to the intensive care unit at the hospital to pray for the sick, and they healed them all. The partners shared the message contained in Rhapsody Of Realities with Tuvaluans, during the first service they conducted on the Island. Many were led in the prayer of salvation, and copies of Rhapsody Of Realities were distributed on the Island. The partners also established 2 Rhapsody Cells in Tuvalu. Glory to God. #ROR#250millioncopiesin800languages

Day 1 of #15daysofexcellence!! #billionaires #ceos #influencersofindustry #15daysofexcellence #tpoym #thepowerofyourmind #cetexas #cefrisco


when a man gets on top he becomes the topic. let them call u names JESUS is or strength

TOTAL EXPERIENCE WITH PASTOR MARY FIRST PRAYER RALLY It was an awesome time of prayer and worship as thousands of brethren in CE Benin Zone 3 gathered at the venue for TOTAL EXPERIENCE to pour out their heart to God in heartfelt prayers concerning their desires and expectations for "Total Experience". God has given us the victory. #totalexperiencebeninzone3

#TPOYM The introduction of this book is loaded. With my mind I can create anything and I have limitless possibilities. GLORYYYY! #CEAtlanta.

Unstoppable spreading, I have been lifted, glory be to God #BlwGk #kingingzone

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