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My 15 Days of Excellence My 15 Days of Transformation My 15 Days of Glory My 15 Days of Increased Wisdom #CE Streatham UKZone 4#

My 15 Days of Excellence My 15 Days of Excellence My 15 Days of Excellence

Like the wind, I'm always moving #kingingzone #kingingzone

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day of bliss 1994! name these people...

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Happy birthday Pastor ID. God bless you and your family. I love you dearly.

#letters2mum Dear Mum What a king. A man truly Anointed. A Voice that causes money to flow. A man unique in everything. Happy birthday Sir.

Welcome to Day 2 of 15 Days Of Excellence as we study the book 'The Power Of Your Mind'. This is an exciting time for you to build yourself up as you study and search the scriptures, your mind will be renewed. Chapter 2 is entitled: UNDERSTANDING THE MIND. Here are some nuggets from that chapter: NUGGETS: • The outward man is the physical body and its five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste) while the inward man is the human spirit and his soul (the seat of his mind, will, emotions, reasoning, and intellect). • Only through God’s Word cantheinward manbe discovered and educated. • The mind is the faculty of man’s reasoning and thoughts. It holds the power of the imagination, recognition, and appreciation • The mind is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, Share more with us from chapter 2 as you study. #tpoym #15daysofexcellence #monthoflifting

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I am a spirit in motion... Never stagnant but making giant strides perpetually!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Father..Friend...Mentor..Counsellor..Confidant..Guardian...i celebrate you today and always...Deacon Daniel Emeka Obosi Nnadi

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