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I live transcended life of endless possibilities and victories unlimited #kingingzone #kingingzone

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Happy birthday

Goodmrng fam# as we strat our week do feed ur mind, ur body and spirit with these words! #SSVZ

HAPPENING NOW 2016 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MINISTRY MINISTERS NETWORK WELCOME LUNCHEON Special presentation by delegates from Kenya excite and inspire the ministers for greater works. For live updates on the ISM Ministers' Network Conference FOLLOW the International School of Ministry Super User on Kingschat by clicking “Follow” at the top right hand corner of this page. For more information log unto www.ismmn.org/conference2016. Share your expectations for the conference on the comments section of this blog. God Bless You. #ismmnc2016

The nervous system is an integral part of the human body. #lifted #kingingzone #kingingzone #tpoym

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am in union with the heavenly father #lifted #kingingzone #kingingzone

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I'm EXCELLENT and FULL OF GLORY, making PROGRESS with GIANT STRIDES! #blwzonec #blwcyprus #blwcampusministry

What God wants to give in your life, is not a healing, is not a job, is not money. But, is his word in your spirit. #CEKANO #NVZ3.

Happy birthday to this wonderful exceptional twins. Thank you for saying yes to Jesus.

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