JOJO: Happy birthday pastor ID sir. on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday pastor ID sir. I thank God for bringing you our church family in PERIVALE. Thank you for the teaching us the word. I love u๐ŸŽ‚

Happy birthday pastor ID sir.

updated her profile photo

I'm a Spirit in motion!!

The way to transform, improve and upgrade your life is by renewing your mind. #cewarrizone#church1a#blaze

Happy birthday Pastor Eunice, you're God's solution to the people. God richly bless you maa

Job 22:29. That is not a normal mindset, but that is my mindset๐Ÿ˜„ #tpoym #kingingzone #kingingzone

The world is mine. My name is written on every currency. #BLWGHZONE #Zg

We are founded on the rock..the Holy Spirit..we cannot moved, we are unshakable, we are unmovable our rock lives inside of us..glory to God#

word alive....i can feel it..#lifted #tpoym #15daysofexcellence #kingingzone #kingingzone

Soul Winning Tip #3: WORDS WILL BE GIVEN YOU! Do not take thought of what to say, the Holy Spirit will give you utterance and wisdom Lk21:15

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