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updated their profile photo

The opening of the Torah in the synangogue

I see loads of blessings coming upon all my members today. Wow today's allocation of heavenly resources is so so great.

Happy Birthday to my Sweetest heart😊, my love & jewel. Thank U for your love, care & support. Thank you for being U. I 💓 U infinitely💖😙

I have the life of God in me. #thepowerofyourmind #fashionandthegospel #auxano #blwzonej

Happy birthday elegant and ever stylish sis Grace. I wish you more dollars and pounds 😘 #abujazonalchurch1choir#

I am sent from heaven. I am not here by chance. When we understand the mission, it translates to vision. #Revelations.. :-)

The gathering of Stakeholders. #CEPHZone2

updated their profile photo

Happy Birthday ma,thank u for always being a support to our man of God.Ur passion,personality&leadership an example.We love & appreciate u.

What a glorious evening, celebrating Christ in us the hope of glory! Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! #monthofblessings #theholylandtour2016

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