Pst Abby: The gathering of Stakeholders. #CEPHZone2 on KingsChat Web

The gathering of Stakeholders. #CEPHZone2

The gathering of Stakeholders. #CEPHZone2

I am sent from heaven. I am not here by chance. When we understand the mission, it translates to vision. #Revelations.. :-)

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The opening of the Torah in the synangogue

I see loads of blessings coming upon all my members today. Wow today's allocation of heavenly resources is so so great.

Happy Birthday to my Sweetest heart😊, my love & jewel. Thank U for your love, care & support. Thank you for being U. I 💓 U infinitely💖😙

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Happy Birthday ma,thank u for always being a support to our man of God.Ur passion,personality&leadership an example.We love & appreciate u.

What a glorious evening, celebrating Christ in us the hope of glory! Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! #monthofblessings #theholylandtour2016

Hallelujah It's Done come 7am Sunday 15th. May #CEPHZone2

The Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris 1. Wonderful ministers of our nation at the City of David 2. The visit to the City of David. You will see the different periods the temple had gone through to date.

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