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The glory was tangible as pastor expounded from the scriptures at the garden tomb, truly a once in a lifetime experience! Follow and share as we tour the Holy Land with Pastor Chris.

The glory was tangible as The glory was tangible as

When you are carring something, you ought to know you are carring something- Pastor Chris #GodsGreaterBlessingsPart1 #MaMonthOfBlessings

updated his profile photo

What others are crying for, the Lord delivers right into your hands- Pastor Chris #GodsGreaterBlessingsPart1 #ItsAnotherLevel #NoStoppingMe

Happy Birthday Evelyn. You're a wonder and you're great.

Happy Wedding anniversary Dear Pst Femi ad Pst Biola. You guys are very friends, brother and sister and I love you much

Jesus didn't die so that you can just have an ordinary life like anybody else #PastorTT #8DaysOfGlory #CeSaZone5 #Digesting

I'm dancing in the Holy Ghost!! It is really the month of blessing!! Thank you Father for this blessing! #firstladytingzz #cecanada

Glory to God.

At that point of ur life, u know who u are! We are anointed. We are called with power! -Pst Chris #GodsGreaterBlessingsPart1 #IKnowWhoIAm

ROR goodies, "that means he's watching and looking for opportunities to manifest his glory on ur behalf" sound famliar #look4theblessing

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