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I love you Jesus #cedouala #rofshbssdi2 #ewcavz4

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Celebrating a Jesus Addict, My music man, full of the Holy Ghost. chai devil is in hot soup.

Highlights 3- 'SUCCESS MANAGEMENT' -ESTEEMED PASTOR LANRE ALABI You ought to learn how to manage your success. Some have become so successful that they have used their success to victimise God. Don't become too big and busy that God can no longer get your attention. Success management means that the more successful you become the more you stay connected to your source. Don't let your success today take you away from the path that started you out in the first place. Your business moving forward should not reduce your availability in church. Your definite application of spiritual principles will ensure your bussiness expands in an unexplainable way. 1) EXPECT THAT GOD WILL SEND YOU HELPERS You must be spiritually discerning in engaging people. Treat you workers fairly. Don't destroy their confidence or misuse them. Let the time they spend with you add to their testimony before God. Let the opportunity people have to work with you be an addition to their destiny. God is looking for those he can entrust with more influence but He is watching out for what has become of those who you have now. Be considerate with your staff. GOD IS VERY CONSIDERATE. Look out for the welfare of your staff.

I AM THE ONLY teenagerS

Happy Birthday Pastor Bose Dimowo; my real life Super Woman. I love you. Thank you for epitomising grace, faith and contentment. #PBoss2706

Glory to God - Amazing#CeWarriZone#Church1b#Zenithcell.

If God is going to bless your business, He will bless you first say Pastor Lanre.

Its my birthday, lord I give u praise fr yet another year gloryyyyyyy

You are a virtuous woman in every correct application of the phrase. I'm more grateful each day that I have you in my life. #PBoss2706

Celebrating Grace Happy birthday Sis Obiamaka Onyebum. Thank you for who you are, a woman with the heart of Gold. I Love You. #Gold #Ceo

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