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Grateful Lord!

Grateful Lord!

Happy birthday wonderful Sis Mabinty. You are always joyful and light up every where you are. We love you dearly.

Righteousness &justice are the foundation of his throne.Fire goes before him & consumes his foes on every side.

The Esteemed International President of the Haven Nation talking the Nation up with, by and in the Word. 5 Things to cause you to walk in GREATNESS 1. The word - give yourself to the Word - practice the word, receive the word - JUMP INTO THE WORD AND BE IMMERSED IN THE WORD 2. Be full of the Spirit - spend time with the Holy Ghost, praying in tongues. Cultivate a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit. 3. Envision big things - dream big and talk big - The Haven Nation is the Community of the Wealthy. God told Abram to lift up his eye to SEE - he encouraged the brethren to see with the eyes of the spirit. "God has given to the Haven Nation every instrument of wealth creation in the world", says the Esteemed President of the Haven Nation, Pastor Goke. Watch this space for MORE


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Dear Holy Spirit my Professor, I love you today and always

Project crusade Report today

Mountains melt like wax before the Lord.And people shall see his GLORY...Psm 97.

2 days to our super Sunday service. I am excited about the ministry of the Spirit that day.

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