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I declare that all things are mine #cebeninzone3

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My three-year old giving out a copy of Rhapsody of Realities today.

I was born to win #cebeninzone3

Am blessed because of the word. Thank you sir of my year of spreading

I carry the divine nature of Christ in me #cebeninzone3

This meal is something else. The taste is still in my mind. #cewarrizone #ceuppererejuwa#diplomatcell

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Happy Birthday to you dear. You are indeed a blessing to us. We love you plenty. #pstfelixrocks

Glory to God. With my mouth filled with His Word In Faith and speaking in Tongues continually, I remain on TOP. #CEWARRIZONE #CEUPPERLITE

WINNING ALL THE TIME #RevDrChrisOyakhilomeDscDd #iclc2016

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