Neville: You are remembered South Africa!! on KingsChat Web

You are remembered South Africa!! #blwsazoneTIE

You are remembered South Africa!!

The manifesto of T.I.E is Joel 2.. Guv ha!!!

To live out your full potential, you have to spend more time improving yourself than you do entertaining yourself #blwsazoneTIE

Happy Birthday #DavidPrinceLawal!!!! Your Light Shines Everywhere. #mylightshineseverywhere



As for me and my family(TFC North West) we will be at WITS cricket stadium from 9th-11th September for TIE with the CMD🙌🙏🙏. #blwsazoneTIE

My ever cheerful Pastor ,,You're love personified, Pastors Mike & Esther's family love you big time ,Happy birthdaysir. #pstfelixrocks

Keep saying it!!! Don't stop saying it!!!!

thank God for the blessing into this wonderful family

It's time for Training, Inspiration and Empowerment. Train your Mind Inspire yourself Empower Yourself #blwsazone #groupbsmu

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