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The place wer u should place ur most attention is Church. Wen u get to church,u gain the advantage to b a master in the marketplace of life.

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Where is your heart as a believer? Where is your First Love? Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full on His wonderful face- Look and Live!!!

Still celebrating an amazing leader! Happy Birthday ma!!! #YourLightShinesEverywhere

Through your partnership, you can turn many unto righteousness...this is why you must continue to partner at an ever-increasing level

#IYD #IYD2016 #blwsazone #groupb #blwdazoneTIE

God is more concerned about your spiritual growth...if you grow spiritually, your businesses and finances will grow

If your purpose is not connected to what is important to God, He has no obligation to lift you beyond where you are now

The purpose for which you were you born is what will satisfy, and as u are in pursuit of that purpose, all the resources you need will come

"The word must be spoken to produce results, as a seed is sown to have a crop." Pst. Theo #blwKenyazone

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