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If your purpose is not connected to what is important to God, He has no obligation to lift you beyond where you are now

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God is more concerned about your spiritual growth...if you grow spiritually, your businesses and finances will grow

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The place wer u should place ur most attention is Church. Wen u get to church,u gain the advantage to b a master in the marketplace of life.

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The purpose for which you were you born is what will satisfy, and as u are in pursuit of that purpose, all the resources you need will come

"The word must be spoken to produce results, as a seed is sown to have a crop." Pst. Theo #blwKenyazone

I'm stirred just by read this WooooW my thoughts😭 I choose to sow the right thoughts!!! #blwcutMMW

Are you unsatisfied with your life? That means you are wasting ur words. It is not the government or the dollar exchange rate. It's ur words

Keep spreading always

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