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Updated her profile photo


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#RealityCheck In today's world, winds of intolerance are blowing strongly, some exhibit such anger that's unbecoming of Christians but think about it; the Holyspirit created the whole world and beautified the heavens yet he's so humble and so gracious to come and live in you. In all his greatness and magnificence, he considers you qualified to be his living tabernacle, he still loves you; why then should you for whatever reason say you can't stand someone else? Why should you resent or find someone repulsive? If the Holyghost could come to live in you then be humble. Emulate him; let him be your focus, if you love Jesus, it'll show in your relationship with others, be humble to accommodate and tolerate your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you find yourself exhibiting traits of resentment and intolerance, consciously re-culture yourself with the word, be sure to only give vent to the love of God in your life.

Daily Juice Cultivate thought patterns that anticipate success and achievements. The more positive and praise worthy thoughts you focus on, the more great adventures in your life you will experience. Be sure to really think about what you are going after through your thoughts and words. By doing so, you may realize your efforts might be focused on the wrong things. Don't confuse activity for productivity. Project yourself forward; stop pressing rewind on things that need to be deleted in your life. Remember, when you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things the opportunity to #ce_ndg #cequebeczone #cecanada


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Still celebrating a special personality, the Esteemed Dcns Sazi. Thank you for being a blessing in our Zone. God bless you as you enjoy your new age. I love you.

Happy birthday Sis Temi. Thank you for your commitment to the gospel & I love you dearlyπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ’

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Worth training for

Updated her profile photo

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