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2 Corinthians 4:18 I see with the eyes of the spirit😁😁 #rapnation #blwrapnation

2 Corinthians 4:18 I see
Daniel Dornyo


I always wish I feature you and I know one day that'll be possible

Daniel Dornyo


You are blessed with rap

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Super Session with Pastor Deola Phillips at the ISMMN Online Conference The first key note address of the ISMMN Online Conference was delivered by the Director of the International School of Ministry, Pastor Deola Phillips. She began by expressing deep appreciation to the man of God, Pastor Chris, for the opportunity to have this epoch-making gathering. She went further to expound that the man of God is very interested in helping other ministers of the Gospel to grow, because the church of Jesus is one body, and we all grow and make impact together for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Going into the day’s message, Pastor Deola started out by saying that ministers of the Gospel have a sacred trusteeship that has been committed to their trust. “What has been committed to us is not a building or organisation, it is a dispensation of the Gospel, a sacred ministry from the Lord that must not fall to the ground,” she said. She expatiated that there are 3 things that every minister must consider in fulfilment of this sacred commission: (a) Faithfulness – which is steadfast and loyal devotion, and fidelity; (b) Focus on eternity and the commission to transmit this to all men; and (c) Fight – to fight for the Gospel and give no room to the devil. What an enlightening time for ministers at this wonderful Conference. “Glory to God! I am a faithful minister, focused on what the Lord has committed to my trust and I fight for the faith until the Lord Jesus comes back,” posts Pastor Celestino Do Rosario from Angola. Carlotta from Iceland says, “Thank you Pastor Chris, we are grateful that we can participate from Iceland.” More updates to come shortly

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The word of God is my life and my sustenance #ewcavz4 #cebonaberi #zmcc2016

Evangelism at Okada town today, the people are expectant already. #cebeninzone3#

If you get to a level where the message is only entertaining to you then you are still carnal.

We made impact at Okada town today, in preparation for night of bliss Okada

I choose to express myself here cos I know you read them, words are not enough. Happy birthday Sir! #pooA29 #cekano #thankyousir

Happy Birthday - Dcn Wale Agunbiade. God bless you.

Evangelism under the cooler #rorslovakmissions #CEUKZone3 #Monthofintercession #Yearofspreading

Am on zmcc live #cebeninzone1

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