Sangaster-Supernatural-Rupyora: #namboole14oct With such an anointed on KingsChat Web

#namboole14oct With such an anointed man of god visiting the land I just can't miss it

#namboole14oct With such an anointed

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When you give your partenariat #iinnercitymission you create your futur. Thank you Jesus for my babie spectacle was just Glorious. #ewcavz4

It's not enough to have enough

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My Progress in process #CEBENINZONE1 #CEEREDIAUWA

Happy birthday Br Greg, you are such a blessing to us and our man of God

It will be a night to remember for every long time #namboole14oct

#blwkenyazone #campusministryrocks

The gentleman behind me (my husband) is not from India.... Now comes the question: Where did he get the hair? Food for thought.... 😆😆😆

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